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About Phlebotomy Ink


Our History & Mission

Phlebotomy Ink Training and Staffing Agency LLC (Phlebotomy Ink) was established March 5, 2011, to meet the needs of adult learners. Phlebotomy Ink offers high-quality, fast-paced training programs that align with employer needs. Students are able to accelerate their education, obtain licensure (if applicable), and transition into an entry level career in the in-demand healthcare field, in an educational environment that fits their everyday lifestyle.

Executive Director Lakiya Jones

Ownership & Officers

Phlebotomy Ink Training and Staffing Agency LLC is 100% owned by Lakiya Jones (above), who also serves as the  Executive Director.


Mission Statement

The mission of Phlebotomy Ink is to provide quality education and to train and prepare the students for the career of their choice.



Phlebotomy Ink operates under (5) principals:

  1. Integrity: We do the right thing for our students, for the community, and for each other, creating a foundation for trust.

  2. Honesty: Truth is our default setting. We communicate internally and externally with transparency.

  3. Intelligence: We recognize all types of intelligence. Healthcare is a team environment and strong teams have members with different strengths.

  4. Professionalism: We strive to exemplify high-standards, while maintaining a culture of mutual respect and encouragement. 

  5. Pride: We take pride in our actions, in our school, and in our students. We hold ourselves accountable for our outcomes.


Approvals and Licensure

Phlebotomy Ink Training and Staffing Agency LLC is licensed by the Private School Licensure Division of the Alabama Community College System. The License Number is 13-1477-23.


Campus Location and Facility

Phlebotomy Ink’s main campus is located at 1100 East Park Drive, Suite 102, Birmingham, AL 35235.
The main campus has one large lecture room, one testing classroom, one large lab area and 4 smaller lab areas. Additionally, there is an administrative office, one receptionist area and two waiting room areas.

The separate education center is located at 223 North Street West, Talladega, AL 35160.
It includes two classrooms, two lab areas, one waiting room, and one administrative office.


Our School Catalog

Detailed academic information, program and course descriptions, financial information, student policies and more can be reviewed in our Phlebotomy Ink school catalog. Download and review our school catalog for more information via the link at the bottom of this website.

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