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Phlebotomy Ink Student Policies


Important Student Information

The mission of Phlebotomy Ink is to provide quality education and to train and prepare the students for the career of their choice.


We accomplish this by implementing an important set of student policies, found in our school catalog at the bottom of this page. It is critical that all Phlebotomy Ink students understand and abide by these policies in order to maximize their own educational experience, as well as the experience of their fellow students.

Have a question? Contact our team to learn more.

Policies You Need To Know

Our School Catalog details a number of important student policies, including:

  • School Information such as approvals & licensure, academic calendar, student privacy policy and records maintenance.

  • Academic Information such as admissions requirements, education delivery methods, physical requirements, transfer of credit, satisfactory academic progress, grading, attendance, student code of conduct & much more.

  • Student Services such as tutoring, career services, technical support and the compliant & grievance procedure.

  • Program Information on all programs of study as well as individual courses.

  • Financial Information including program & tuition fees, payment methods, and our cancellation & refund policies.

  • Personnel Information on Phlebotomy Ink's faculty and staff.

Before starting the Admissions process, it is important that all prospective students review and understand each of these sets of policies within our school catalog. Download and review our school catalog for more information via the link at the bottom of this website.


Have any questions? Contact the Phlebotomy Ink staff for assistance.

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